Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #2

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #2: Because where else will your Stonemason give you the (much appreciated) gift of a chicken?

Not only do your stone masons work like Trojans if you keep funneling them good wine at intervals throughout the day, but if they really like you they might even give you a chicken.

Franck and I were the joyous recipients of a 2.2 kilo poulet that just the day before had been clucking around the yard at mason Max’s house.

Franck roasted it with lemon, olive oil, and herbs de provence and we feasted on it yesterday for lunch with my sister Suzanne, my brother-in-law Greg, and their children Rowan and Manon who are staying at La Maison des Deux Clochers for the next two weeks. If you look really hard at the above photo you can see the chicken on our plates, but it didn’t last long there. It was truly delicieux.

Merci Max!