Le Baptême – The Church

This weekend was completely filled up with the celebration of Clémentine’s baptism. Even though I am not officially a Catholic, I do feel very strongly about introducing rites of passage into our lives and those of our daughters.

As for Franck, he wouldn’t dream of not having his children baptised. Even though his faith is the very quiet, personal sort, he sees it as a crucial ritual that give our daughters roots in both the French community and French culture.

The baptism was held in the little church of the village of Prissey. This church is only used in the summer, as it is very cold in the winter time. However, we were blessed with not only the longest day of the year (June 21st) but gorgeous, hot 30 degree weather.

One of the things I love about these old Burgundian churches are the old tombstones that make up the floor. This one was for a farmer who had died the 1700’s.

I also love the patina on the wooden beams and the walls – even though many a decorator has tried to reproduce this “look”, nothing can really impart such softness and richness except the passing of centuries.

The little church was completely full, and so Franck and I sat at the back during the Mass with the baptismal girl who, aside from an epic poo incident, was very good.

And what I liked perhaps best of all was the view of the vineyards outside of the church door; they are indeed becoming a recurrent theme in Clem’s life.

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