Le Baptême – The Children

As with any self-respecting French baptism there were a lot of children. There were our three girls, my friend Charlotte’s four children, my friend Isabelle’s two, my sister-in-law Stephanie’s two, plus my niece and nephew from Canada.

Père Frot did a fine job of incorporating these angelic little beings (many in their prettiest summer dresses) into the service. He had Camille hold up the bible and Charlotte hold up the little jug of Holy Water to be blessed just before it was poured on Clem’s head.

And of course, because this is France, the children were all exquisitely behaved. Just look how perfect they are. Quels petits anges.

Wait a second…what exactly are Gabin in the front row and Alix in the back row doing?

Mon Dieu.

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