Those Endless Days of Summer

Taking a brief but pleasant break from Culture Shock, my family are now camped out at our (meaning my family’s, in the large sense of the word) cabin on Shawnigan Lake, a place where time seems to stop.

Days are spent lounging in the sun – swimming or water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing if there is someone around to drive the boat. I stick to the lounging bit as even though I know this is just my overactive imagination, I can just picture my abdomen, like exploding open if I have a bad wipe out only 6 months after my C-section. Anyway, I am never happier than when lounging whenever looking after a 6 month old permits (not that often, when it comes right down to it).

I believe these days are among those that my girls will remember when they are older, hopefully accompanied by that golden aura of childhood and summer.

Clem, for her part, spends a good part of her day with the fewest amount of clothes on, and has consequently discovered her feet. Apparently if you are able, as she is, to insert your feet into your own mouth they provide hours of entertainment.

For the older girls the days are spent playing “castaway orphan children” on the neighbours rock, swimming, and kayaking with Franck.

We also go on lots of boat rides, and Clem has taken to them like a fish to water – I say that’s the Canuck blood in her coming out.