Knee Deep in Suitcases

Or otherwise titled “Good-bye Canada, Bonjour France!”. We’re leaving tomorrow for Burgundy, to begin our final year in France before we move back to the West Coast of Canada during the summer of 2009.

However, REST ASSURED, we will be keeping and running the vacation rentals (and incidentally my blog) as usual even after we come back to Victoria -in fact, that was one of the main reasons we set them up in the first place – as an excellent reason to keep going back and forth. On that note, I fell in love with the name of a boat we found in Cowichan Bay (see photo above) called “La Bougeotte” which basically translates as “itchy feet” – a condition that Franck and I definitely have! I think I am going to frame a print of the photo and put it in our house in Villers-la-Faye.

It’s been really restorative to “unplug” a bit from my regular routine (including the blog) and summer was the ideal time to do it as so many of my readers also unplugged from their computers to enjoy a bit of well-earned sunshine and quality time sprawled out on a lawn lounge.

However, I just so happen to have Big Plans for my blog this year which include regular postings every week, more on culture shock, recipes, and also tips on how to experience authentic France while in France, and how to inject a bit of “Frenchness” in to your life no matter where you live.

But until I get back to Burgundy and recover from jet lag and the huge family shindig planned for the weekend just after we get back (optimistic estimation is around next Monday or so – 7 month old baby and hangovers permitting…), here are some images of our wonderful summer in Canada – and Clem’s introduction to the other of her two “countries” – that is now drawing to a close.