Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #3

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #3: Because lingering, leisurely, delicious Sunday lunches are practically and institution.

We were welcomed back to Burgundy in this delicious, unbelievably enjoyable, and oh-so-Burgundian-way by our friends Isabelle and Martial, and were also joined in the dappled sunlight of their garden by Charlotte, Marco, and their brood.

It was the perfect chance for the adults to catch up on their respective summer adventures, for the kids to play, and for the babies to look cute and take it all in.

This particular “lunch” went until about 6:00pm at which time Franck and I and our bevy had to leave to go to a family reunion (and another meal), but they usually never end until well into the evening. They are truly one of my favorite things about living here although they do come behind, of course, our Burgundian friends.