Un Petit Peu French Fridays

Quiz – what is missing in the above photo?

My down time in Canada allowed me to have many brain waves, and one of them was to introduce Un Petit Peu French Fridays on my blog.

I’ll be moving back to Canada in a year’s time (though will still be coming back to France on a regular basis – that was the whole point with the vacation rentals in the first place) and this summer I got to thinking about how I was going to go about injecting the aspects I love about life here in France into my North American existence.

And..ta da!…I had a flash of inspiration for Un Petit Peu French Fridays. These once a week posts will be full of ideas for injecting un petit peu of frenchness into your life, no matter where you live.

So, as the French would say it, allez y!

Un Petit Peu French Lesson #1 : Nothing goes with an espresso like a square of good, dark chocolate

In the best (read: my favorite) French cafés, espressos are served with a small square of high quality black chocolate, which is the way God and the French intended it to be.

Indeed, nothing brings out the flavours of good coffee like excellent chocolate, and nothing brings out the flavours of excellent chocolate like good coffee.

I have a ritual after lunch every day where I sit down in my favorite spot in the living room where I can see the vineyards through the window, and enjoy my little espresso cup full of coffee and a square (or two) of black chocolate – it must have at least 72% cocoa to qualify for this exalted role.

The result is ten minutes of pure, unadulterated pleasure. This brief window of time belongs just to me. I put on the imaginary cone of silence, and have trained my children and husband that I am not to be disturbed for anything short of blood or dismemberment.

Shortly after first meeting my friend Charlotte I went to her house after lunch to drop something off. Before I could knock on the door I spied her through the French doors collapsed on her couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table in front of her, drinking a cup of black coffee and enjoying a square of Côte D’Or black chocolate with noisettes.

I knew then I had found a kindred spirit.