Jacky’s Has Sold!

Hooray! News Flash! Jacky’s store has finally sold! Shortly after we got back from Canada we noticed that the “For Sale” signs had all been taken down. We put out our gossip antennae and have learned the mystery person who bought it is planning on opening a business of some ilk in the spot. However the identity of the mystery person still remains well…a mystery.

Of course, all of us villagers are dearly hoping it will be a cafe / bistro / grocery store like Jacky’s. This would be especially fitting as they’ve done up the square in front of it so nicely with lovely benches and trees, making it a great place to stop and chat after buying a baguette or enjoying an espresso (or, in keeping with the tradition of Jacky’s, un petit blanc).

I will post any new Jacky’s related gossip here, so watch this space!