Authentic France Travel Tip #2 : Search for the Best Baguette

Salut! That’s right, it’s Tuesday here in Burgundy, so time again for another Authentic France Travel Tip*.

Authentic France Travel Tip #2 : Search for the Best Baguette

Besides petanque, which really must be the perfect athletic endeavour because you can play it with one hand whilst holding your drink in the other, France’s other national sport is finding the best baguette.

Most French people I know buy at least one or more fresh baguettes a day to eat along with their three main meals, and the task of finding the best possible baguette is taken very seriously.

Our favorites evolve with the movement of certain boulangers out of one boulangerie and into another – akin to groupies following their favorite rock star – but right now our favorite baguettes come from the boulangerie in the nearby village of Comblanchien and the one just steps from our apartment in Beaune, Le Relais du Vieux Beaune.

With friends, family, and even complete strangers here in Burgundy, conversation often veers in the direction of our favorite boulangerie of the moment. As people’s taste in bread varies – some like it hard and crunchy, other like it soft and doughy – the issue of best baguette can also, like so many things here in France, rapidly become a matter of heated debate. I have been witness to dinners where fistfights have almost broken out over the subject.

So next time you’re in France ask a local where you might find a really good baguette. Chances are an interesting conversation full of edifying opinions and a sublime bread experience will be the result.

*”Authentic France Travel Tips” are posted every Tuesday and give ideas for travellers who want to experience the authentic side of France.