"Un Petit Peu French" vs. "Frenchitude"

I’m having a bit of a crisis and I need your input.

When I first developed the concept of “Un Petit Peu French Fridays” I thought that name was quite cool; a bit of French, a bit of English, with a sprinkling of alliteration to make it roll off the tongue in a tasty fashion.

As my motto going through life seems to be Ready – Shoot – Aim I bequeathed it that name with no further soul-searching. However, since then I have also been seduced by another name for my Friday posts. The contender is a term I have coined “Frenchitude”, as in:

“French” + “Attitude” = “Frenchitude”

Am I deluded, or does “Frenchitude Fridays” have a nice ring to it?

So could anyone that has an opinion or a favorite please make it known? S’il te plait? I vow that if you do I’ll put you in the “acknowledgements” when this is all spun into a book.

Zut, there goes that Ready-Shoot-Aim thing again…