The 2008 Harvest Begins…

The Grape Harvest (les vendanges) started yesterday (Saturday) here in Burgundy, so I thought it would be a good time to post my photos of the soon-to-picked grapes that I took during one of my daily walks around the Mont Saint Victor a few days ago.

The 2008 vintage is apparently going to be a tricky one. Lots of rain and not enough heat means there are 2 major issues; mildew and low sugar content in the grapes. However, if the current sun holds out during the harvest the winemakers seem to think it may turn out to be a half-decent haul after all.

Here is a row of vineyards, as you can see some of the leaves are slowly beginning to turn crimson.

And here is a luscious bunch of Pinot Noir grapes, the only kind of grape with which that wine makers of the Côte D’Or are allowed to make red wine. I have my doubts about the low sugar content problem, they look pretty yummy to me..


And then here’s a delectable looking bunch of white grapes – I’m not sure if these are Aligoté or Chardonnay. In any case, this is looking like a pretty decent year for Burgundy whites.

And here’s a lovely bunch of…oh wait, that’s no grape, it’s Clémentine Agathe Germain! She’s our 2008 vintage, and turning out very nicely if I do say so myself.