I’ve Lost My Dots

Now that I’ve hopped off my high horse since Friday’s post-come-diatribe, I have to take care of a little technical housekeeping.

You may have noticed that my little “ClusterMap” (the checking of which is one of my secret, shameful addictions) on the right hand side of my blog is looking less red than usual. This is because the people at ClusterMap archive the maps once a year, and mine started again afresh on September 25th.

However, if you want to look at the old map, you just need to go here;


I had 11,126 visits to my blog last year . This gives me warm fuzzies in my tummy.

Also Blogger has added a new gadget where people can sign up as “followers” of The Grape Journal. Right now I only have one official follower, and this is a bit sad. I expect my two sisters and my mother to sign up at least…

To do it you just click on the “Follow This Blog” link on the right hand toolbar. Only caveat is that you have to have a Google account – but who doesn’t have one of those these days?