Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #4

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #4 : The Grape Harvest, known as “les vendanges

On my way home from picking the girls up from school yesterday I drove home through the exquisite village of PernandVergelesses and this is what I saw on the side of the road.

How can I not love the woven straw baskets full of just-picked luscious grapes, or the tired but exuberant pickers who joke with me as I snap my photos?

And how can I not love the trucks and tractors, decorated with crazy signs and grape vines and blown up plastic gloves that drive through the villages honking and singing to celebrate having all there grapes picked and safely stored in the cuverie?

Burgundy is all about les vendanges; les vendanges is all about Burgundy.

That’s why during these very special two weeks every year there is nowhere else I’d rather be.