The fabulous Quiche-Making Meme

Franck’s grandmother Meme is feeling very good and fiesty these days, despite the fact that she is 96, so we have resumed our cooking Wednesdays. In France the girls don’t have school on Wednesdays, so we have Meme over in the afternoon and she and Franck cook up a storm.

Usually one or both of the girls is also allowed to sit at the table, rolling and patting a litle piece of pastry. I’m tolerated if I’m doing the dishes or some other sous-chef task, but otherwise I’m quickly shooed away.

So, just for anybody who is considering whinging that they are getting too old to be productive, here is what Meme and Franck accomplished last Wednesday afternoon:

– three kilos of pastry (some used, the rest frozen for a later date)
– 28 mini quiches (to be frozen flat)
– 1 apple tart
– delicious pork roast with piece of meat that Franck had unearthed from freezer and had no clue what to do with
– wonderful tomato, onion, cream sauce for aforementioned pork roast
-concocted plan with Franck to purchase meat grinder and start making homemade “terrines” next Wednesday