The Hands of A Burgundy Winemaker Right About Now

These are the hands of our winemaker friend, Marc-Olivier Buffet of Domaine Buffet in Volnay, look like at the moment. The black-purple colour comes from mixing the huge vats of pressed grapes from the 2008 harvest as they macerate and begin to ferment.

The freshly squeezed grapes and their juices act as a very potent dye, as you can see here!

This is also a hazardous time of year for winemakers who spend a good portion of their days leaning over and mixing their enormous cuves (vats) of the macerating 2008 vintage. The carbon dioxide thrown off during the fermentation process can sometimes make a winemaker pass out – which is a major problem if you are hanging over or are actually inside a several metre high liquid-filled vat.

Then again, no-one ever said winemaking was for the faint of heart, or people who like to have lily-white hands…