The Eagles Have Flown Le Nid

Message to sisters Suzanne and Jayne:

Franck transported The Eagles to the train station in Dijon this morning (only running three red lights – remarkable restraint) and they should now be winging their way somewhere over Greenland on their way towards you both.

Jean and Jacqueline gave Dad a lovely bottle of wine on Sunday of course (a Gevrey from the 1980’s if memory serves correct) but as a change of pace they also gave MOM a bottle of her own – a 1991 Monthélie. While translating Mom and Dad’s thanks I told Jean that I would be betting that we would be drinking Mom’s bottle first and, quelle surprise, I was right.

Dad is holding it with such pride that one would think it was his wine he was offering up, but I digress*…we very much enjoyed it last night for my B-day dinner. Wished you were here in theory, but frankly the bottle wouldn’t have been big enough for all of us.

Even before we opened it I liked it; 1991 was the year Franck and I met, after all.

It was delicious – very smooth and velvety with quite a bit of elegant fruitiness.

Totally off-topic – Do you like my new table cloth? I got that for my B-day too, as well as two shiny tiaras from Charlotte and Camille with fake jewels and fluffy balls stuck all over them. I am taking this to mean that I have attained royal status along with the ripe old age of 36.

Let me know when The Eagles land safely.


Your ancient sister xo

*Actually Dad did bring up lots of his bottles to drink during their stay, and they were very good indeed. However, it is just too fun to tease him about this.