Frenchitude Lesson #9: Bring Flowers

Frenchitude Lesson #9: Bring Flowers

One of the things I like most about having people over for lunch or dinner in France is the fact that the French have a really hard time coming over to someone’s house for a meal and NOT bringing flowers. It’s like it’s ingrained in their cerebral pathways or something.

I love flowers. I love having flowers in my house. However, I almost never buy myself flowers to enjoy in my own home. Clearly, I don’t read enough Oprah magazines over here in France.

So when people bring me gorgeous bouquets like this beauty brought to me by Franck’s aunt Renée on Sunday, I am reminded just what a charming tradition this is.

I figure if we apply a little Frenchitude and all buy flowers for each other no matter where we live, we can be excused from the self-worth work required to actually start buying them for ourselves.

Sometimes flowers are replaced with this, especially in Burgundy. Just for the record, this option suits me just fine as well.

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