Ah Oui…About The Helmet…

A while ago I posted some photos of Clémentine at 9 months, and included one of her in her “casque“. So in an attempt to defend myself, here is my explanation of the helmet…

Clem has always been one of those babies who likes nothing better than standing up. She does crawl, but it is basically only useful as far as it gets her from Point A, where she is standing, to Point B, which looks like another promising place to stand up.

Here she is flipping through my La Redoute catalogue. It’s very boring to do that sitting down, n’estce pas?

And we’re getting more and more of this kind of thing lately…that is, letting go of furniture and standing up all by herself. It’s tricky, but fun.

Falling down on the wooden floor of the Office is one thing, but falling down on the Portuguese tiles of the living room and kitchen is another thing altogether. They are hard, unforgiving, and necessitate protection for little heads.

Hence the baby helmet. No, it’s not particularly fun or fashionable, but it is very useful for protecting the little noggins of little girls who like standing up. That’s what I’m telling Child Services anyway. What Clémentine will tell her therapist years from now is entirely up to her.