Behold Our Sapin Miraculeux

This is the sapin miraculeux currently residing in our living room. It is a miracle tree because;

– We lent out our tree stand last year to somebody, can’t remember exactly who, so don’t know who to call to get it back.

– There are absolutely no tree stands left for sale in Beaune.

-Franck was working on the Beaune cellar ALL WEEKEND so I was on my own with my bevy to get the tree up and decorated.

-French Christmas tree lights don’t come in single strings but rather circles so you basically have to lasso your tree. If you think this sounds easy, you have clearly never tried it.

– Our sapin sheds about a thousand needles every time somebody breathes in the vicinity, not to mention lassoing.

– Clem is currently in a lovely phase where she slithers around on her stomach and hoovers up everything in her path, including pine needles.

– I decorated our sapin with an almost 10 kilo needle-hoovering baby in one arm and with the “help” of two tired big girls who had “creative differences” regarding their “visions” of the sapin and which ornaments should be used.

– I am totally knackered, and have a bad cold.

So our tree is truly a sapin miraculeux because it is truly a Christmas miracle that it got up and decorated without an emergency room visit or holiday homicide.

P.S. Those chairs underneath are a nice touch, n’estce pas? They are a barricade for Clem (though, truth be told, not a very effective one). Clem can now often be found straddling the top of the barricade, reminding me of Cosette in Les Misèrables. I’ll let you know if she breaks out into a rousing rendition of “Do You Hear The People Sing?” before Christmas.