Ladies and Gentleman…Check Out Our Racks!

While I was left alone to fend for myself and try to erect and decorate our needle shedding, sapin miraculeux, Franck was busy working all last weekend with our mystery wine cellar consultant.

Over the past several months they have been busy in our basement pouring the concrete pieces of what is to become our wine racks in the Beaune cellar on carefully constructed frames.

Last weekend it was time to take out all of the pieces, saw them apart, and then put them together like puzzle pieces in the Beaune cellar.

Sounds easy, I know, especially compared to my travails but the concrete pieces weighed about 100 kilos each and Franck and our mystery consultant are both what we would we refer to in France as “les forces de la nature” in regards to their capacity for physical labour. They lifted, sawed, and reassembled these 100 kilo pieces from 9:00am on Saturday to 10:00pm, then did it all over again on Sunday.

Here’s a photo montage of their efforts;

They really earned the delicious tarte tatin I made them for dessert on Sunday, and the recipe for which (waving to Karen here) I’ll be posting tomorrow.

A demain!