8 for 2008

This week I’m in my annual maudlin post-Christmas mental funk, exacerbated by the exhaustion that can only come with a 11 month old who thinks anything small enough to insert in her mouth is a yummy “ah-toe” in a household full of Playmobil equestrian centre bits and pieces (little plastic horse poos, little brushes, little riding helmets…).

So my regular posts will be suspended until next Monday, when the big girls head back to Saint-Coeur in Beaune, and I can shovel all the Playmobil horse utopia back into their bedroom and shut the door.

However, my friend KC Dyer sent me an email that requested the following;

“I’ve been noodling around with the idea of doing a ‘Top 8 of ’08’ list for my blog. I’m inviting a bunch of my fellow-blogging addicts and I wondered if you might like to participate as a Guest Blogger. If you have a minute and want to play — awesome!

Just give me a list of your favourite 8….anything. Books, movies, tv shows, friends, blogs, artists, writers….whatever you feel like talking about. Be sure to limit your list to 8 items (if you can). You can either put it up on your own blog and I’ll link to it, or you can send it to me, I’ll put it up and link you in. Let me know if you’re in!”

Haven’t had much time for watching TV, tragically ditto for reading, however one big realization that has been dominating my psyche (the part that isn’t occupied with trying to prevent Clem from choking on plastic horse poos) as 2008 draws to a close is that in 2009, only a few days away, we are taking the big leap and are moving back to Canada.

I love France, I believe I will miss France and the people I love here like an arm that has been cut off, but here are 8 favorite things that I am really looking forward to about moving back to Canada (besides being closer to my entire family, which is of course a given);

1. Driving along the waterfront and seeing how the ocean is different every single day.

2. Having my friend Andrea live just up the street.

3. The fact that my girls will learn art and music and sports in school, instead of just academics.

4. Hearing the Sea Lions bark during the winter.

5. Beachcombing with a Latte in hand.

6. Being only a (scenic) ferry ride away from the SIWC writing conference that KC so brilliantly coordinates, instead of a 24 hour trans-Atlantic trip.

7. Waking up to a fog horn on winter mornings.

8. Kayaking on Shawnigan Lake in the dead of winter with only the loons for company, and then going back to the cabin to warm up by the fire.