La Maison des Chaumes – LIVE!

In preparation for our move across the pond this July, I am now starting to take bookings for rentals in our house here in Burgundy – La Maison des Chaumes – where much of the fun and frolic recounted on this blog takes place.

The house will be available for rent as of August 1st and I have to say it is a pretty ideal place to stay if you are coming to Burgundy. Hey, it is the place we created for ourselves to stay in when we come to Burgundy; that says it all.

To check out our new La Maison des Chaumes page on our lovely new website, just click on the link below;

The photos are a bit of a motley assortment at the moment as it is very hard to take photos without our personal flotsam and jetsam in the frame. As a consequence there are a lot of family and candid shots, but I figured these gave a pretty accurate idea of what the house is like to live in.

You can always email me any questions you may have, and you can find my email on our website .