Nous Aimons Obama

Everyone here in France , including little old moi, has seriously fallen for President Obama (mon dieu, how long have we been waiting to say that? Feels like forever).

All we hear about on the French news is a minute by minute replay of every paper Obama signs, every inspiring word that leaves his lips, and every seductive move he makes.

The French are just as interested in Obama’s sex appeal (more actually) than in his policy-making. Here are just a random sample of reasons why Obama is so very, very seduisant;

– Take a gander at that gorgeous, brilliant woman who shares his bed.

– Take a look at those two lovely, natural, yet poised little girls he has fathered.

– Check out the way that as soon as he opens his mouth to say something, everyone is riveted.

-Check out the way that intelligent words actually come out of his mouth. We had forgotten that a President could do that.

– Check out the fact that he is so very human – trying to kick his smoking habit and stumbling over his Presidential pledge. The French, and moi, aren’t big fans of perfection.

The French feel that Obama, even dubbed into awkward French, is downright sexy. As a result, the French now feel that America has become pretty darn sexy again too.