Authentic France Travel Tip #20: Manège Your Heart Out

No decent sized French town lacks a manège, or merry-go-round. Beaune’s lovely one sits in a place of honour in the middle of the Place Carnot, where children can see it from every direction and beg their parents or grand-parents for a ride.

I’m always amazed how such a simple ride – horses bobbing up an down, the twirly cup, or the rooster, rotating in a circle to accordian musak, never fails to captivate children of all ages and nationalities.

My oldest daughter Charlotte, who is turning nine but is about the size of most 12-year olds, still doesn’t consider herself too old for a merry-go-round ride. Indeed, if and when that happens it will be a sad day.

So when you are travelling in France with your children, don’t miss out on the simple pleasure of a manège ride. It is such a fun, and such a french thing to do.

That’s Clem on her fourth or fifth manège ride, along with Camille, my friend Emmy from Oxford, and her daughter Isolde.

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