On a Wing-Back and a Prayer

This Christmas I did something very spur-of-the-moment (and I like to think romantic); bought a pair of tickets for Franck to the Scotland vs. France 6 Nations Rugby match on February 14th at the Stade de France.

I told him to take a friend and that I would look after the bevy. He, however, wanted to take me of all people. I guess that’s pretty romantic too.

Thus began a 2 month odyssey of trying to organize a Valentine’s Day weekend in Paris for the two of us, which so far has been not at ALL romantic.

This has included; negotiating with various reticent family members to take a part of the bevy for two nights and two days, arranging an accommodation swap, having the swap fall through, having our friends Nicolas and Joelle kindly take us in for the weekend in their apartment in Montparnasse, buying baby food and accoutrements to send along with Clem, and then nursing sick girl (Camille) who is now better, but keeping an eye on Clem, who seems to be coming down with the scourge Camille had…

Will we get there??? Here go my prayers up to the rugby gods.