One last tasting…

On Tuesday my friend Charlotte and I realized that we would be leaving for Canada in a week’s time, and that seeing as they were off to Brussels for the weekend, we wouldn’t have any time to have a decent visit before we left. So we concocted the idea of an aperitif / diner at Charlotte’s house the next night (Wednesday) just to squeeze in one last visit.

So Wednesday morning the girls and I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and Wednesday evening after we packed everyone in the car and headed down to Beaune.

The kids dashed off to play, Charlotte to play card games – their newest obsession – with Eloi, and Camille went upstairs to play “teacher” with Alix and Capucine. Charlotte had boguth some pizzas she was heating up in the oven, and Marco told us he had a surprise in the living room.

We opened the door and there on the glass living room table sat 16 bottles of wine. Marco had extracted wine from the “cuves” where it was vinified so that we could tatse how all 13 of his 2006 vintages, spread over Volnay and Pommard, that have not yet been transferred into the wooden kegs for 12 to 18 months of aging, were coming along.

Charlotte brought in a glass mixing bowl as out “crachoir“, and we proceeded to taste the 13 different wines – which were all vastly different – hence the richness of the system of “terroirs” that we have here in Burgundy. I hated to be cliche, but my favorite one were the Pommards, which were already quite strong and balanced. 2006 is going to be a funny year for the reds, however. Many of the wines are highly tannic, and the majority are stronger in the nose than in the mouth, and no-one knows if this is going to be rectified or not by their time spent in the oak barrels. Another reminder that wines, at their best, are living changing things that can evolve just as unpredictably as any person!