Running Water Comes to 13th Century Beaune Wine Cellar!

We now have a deadline.

The Beaune wine cellar under our apartment building at #19 rue Rousseau Deslandes has to be ready for May 17th.

Pourquoi? Well, because Franck and I have scheduled the official “baptism’ ceremony for the cellar (including naming a cellar godmother and cellar godfather – essential procedure as far as cellar baptisms go in Burgundy) for May 17th and have already started inviting people.

Tip: This is sometimes, especially when you have three kids and a very busy life, the only way to get a renovation project finished.

As a consequence the cellar work has been going full tilt over the last few days. Franck and our mystery cellar expert have installed the ancient stone sink and stone washboard for rinsing off the glasses after a tasting.

I picked out the dragon’s mouth bronze tap. Chouette, non? Even better – it works!

The next task is installing the metal door over each individual wine storage “block” (there are 18 in total) so that everyone can have a key to their own independent wine stash. You can see these “grilles” leaning against the wall in the above photo.

I have to say that Franck and I are very, very pleased with how the Beaune wine cellar is coming along. I think we actually may have it ready before our May 17th deadline, which would definitely be a first.

If you want more information about becoming a member of the Beaune wine cellar – the official name is being revealed at the baptism ceremony – which includes renting a wine storage unit (or several) and enjoying free access to the cellar for entertaining and tastings, just contact me directly.

In the meantime, in vino veritas!