Frenchitude Lesson #30: Get Yourself a Pèle Pommes

For all I know my favorite kitchen implement of the moment may also be in every North American kitchen. And truth be told I suspect by beloved apparatus is made in China.

Nevertheless, I have to report on the Pèle Pommes phenomenon that is happening here in Burgundy. Over the last two months almost everyone I know here has acquired one of these little miracle workers for their kitchen.

Martial was of course the first of our group of Burgundian friends to discover the Pèle Pommes at Laronze, a wonderful kitchen store on the Place Carnot in Beaune.

Remember now, Martial was the one who saved the day by bringing snowshoes to our recent weekend in the Jura. He is always the first to find the Next Big Thing.

Once he gave us a demonstration at his house Franck and I were so thrileld that we planned on going out the next day to buy one for ourselves. However, Martial and Isabelle beat us to it. They came over to our house for dinner that night and brought us a Pèle Pommes instead of the ubiquitous bouquet of flowers. We were thrilled.

The Pèle Pommes has held a place of honour on our kitchen counter ever since.

You pop and apple on the prongs, twist the handle, and the machine peels, cores, and slices your apple into a perfect spiral. All you have to do is rinse it off afterwards.

The Pèle Pommes has changed our life as we know it.

We are now buying apples by the flat and the girls eat at least two “pommes magiques” as they have named them, per day.

I have also embarked on an applesauce and apple tarte making frenzy. It takes me about a third of the time it used to and the Pèle Pommes creates apple slices of the perfect thickness. At the moment I am making apple tartes by the cookie sheet; they are delicious and go fast.

It has even inspired me to add a new “Cooking French – Ingredients & Equipment section to our store (and the very first item I added was the Pèle Pommes). See here;

But best of all is my new nightime ritual – feasting on a freshly sliced pomme magique with a bit of comté or several spoonfuls of confiture de lait.

Even if it is made in China, my Pèle Pommes is loaded with Frenchitude.

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