Close-Up Of Our Dragon (I Think) Tap

This is for Arne, who wanted to see a close-up of our dragon faucet mounted on the ancient stone sink in the Beaune wine cellar. Now I look at the photo a bit more closely though, I am starting to wonder if it is not in fact a duck…or maybe a platypus. Opinions, anyone?

Progress is still going full steam ahead and the most recent task has been replacing the trapdoor which leads from the sidewalk down into the cellar. Beaune’s sidewalks are dotted with such trapdoors every few feet, and many new visitors to the town don’t realize that each and every one of these trapdoors leads down to a wine cellar (known as a cave in French).

As I always say, Beaune is in fact two towns; the one above ground, and the honeycomb of wine cellars and precious bottles below the streets.

We have also installed our ergonomic hand rail. We ended up installing it on the right hand side, as per the majority of reader votes, heading up to the street so that guests to the cellar won’t topple off into the gravel after a tasting.

We may also install another rail on the left later on, but we’re going to wait and see if we lose anyone off that side first!

In Vino Veritas!