Frenchitude Lesson #33: Enjoy an Apéritif

L’apéro is a sacred moment here in France. It is that wonderful moment when you can sit down, kick back, and enjoy a lovely drink of something nice.

This was a evening ritual with Charlotte in Normandy. Franck, Charlotte, and I would feed the seven children, put the two littlest down to bed, get the others settled doing something and then ahhhhhhhhh…it would be our time to gear down, chat, and get ourselves in the right mood for dinner.

What you drink during an apéritif can vary widely: anything from basic wine to champagne to kir to pastis. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic either – apple juice is just fine. In Normandy we did things the traditional way and sat down to a bottle of chilled Normandy cider and slices of local sauccison every evening before dinner.

The main thing is to take a moment to sit down and savour that particular moment in time. The French have always been good at this practice, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be too.

And on Monday I will answer yesterday’s Burgundy quiz!