Answer to Burgundy Quiz!

Last week I asked what you thought could possibly be contained in this box:

And the huge majority of your answers were completely on the right track.

I was frankly a bit surprised – not because I underestimate your intelligence in the least – but because for me the word Nabuchodonosor always conjures up a bizarre image of a beret-wearing, wine-swilling French dinosaur.

The box did not contain a dinosaur though, as you clever readers figured out.

A Nabuchodonosor was first and foremost one of the Babylonian kings thoughtful enough to bring incense and myrrh and all that jazz to Baby Jesus in the manger (bingo, Karen).

However, for reasons unknown to me at present, the name was borrowed in French wine and champagne circles to denote a bottle that contains 15 Litres of these heavenly beverages.

This BIG bottle is going to be used for decoration in our Beaune wine cellar (more on that later this week)…

Let’s take a peek inside the box:

Ta-Dum! It’s like the Titanic of wine bottles, isn’t it?

It is more than half the height of Camille.

And a wee bit taller than Clem, who viewed it as competition (maybe a fourth child?) and tried her best to knock it over to smash against the stone veranda.

Luckily for us and the wine cellar she didn’t – that would have been a lot of glass shards to clean up before she started feasting on them.