I just cashed in some of our British Airways points to buy Franck’s ticket to Burgundy in November. He’s staying at La Maison des Chaumes from the 6th through to the 26th while I fend for myself here with the Bevy.

I have to say that while I am happy for him, and know the trip is necessary in order to look after the vacation rentals, I am still a bit choked that I’m not going.

Nevertheless, whenever I start feeling down I do two things. First, I reflect upon our most recent crossing of the River Styx (aka our recent trans-Atlantic plane flight with an 18 month old Clem). This goes quite a ways in assuaging my grief. Secondly, I mentally prepare my French shopping list for Franck, which includes (in no particular order):

1. some wine from Claire’s

2. Nestle dessert chocolate for baking

3. dark 72% chocolate from E.Leclerc (for eating with my afternoon coffee)

4. fleur du Sel

5. Amora Dijon mustard – mi-fort

6. the latest “Campagne Decoration” magazine

7. baby present from my incoming-any-day-now niece or nephew

8. huge thing of Herbes de Provence

9. sachets of bouquet garni

10. several jars of Bonne Maman’s Confiture du Lait

11. A Saint Vincent statue to set up a little Bacchanalian shrine at our our house here…

As you can tell, the list is going to be VERY long. Come to think of it, I may send him with a few extra suitcases.