Fête du Cassis – 5&6th September, 2009


For all you cassis (blackcurrant) lovers out there, there is a big cassis festival going on in our neck of the Burgundian woods this weekend – September 5th and 6th. It all happens in the gorgeous little hamlet of Conceour just above Nuits-Saint-Georges, and minutes away from Magny-les-Villers and Villers-la-Faye.

For 4 Euros and 50 centimes you can buy an emblazoned kir tasting glass and join in the fun. Visits to the cassis fields, tastings, pressings, and of course wonderful local food will round out the festivities.

For more details (though because I am no longer there to translate tourist documents, not in English) just click here.

And just in case you’ve forgotten how to make a kir – THE most Burgundian of apéritifs and a drink I love so profoundly that my French friends had the cheek to suggest that it would be easier to simply hook me up and administer it to me intravenously – here’s the Germain recipe…

Laura’s Kir:

1/3 Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant) liquor – Vedrenne is a very good brand, and in the Hautes-Côtes around where we are do check out the local producers such as the Ferme Fruirouge in Concoeur itself and the Jouannet family in Meuilley.


2/3 Bourgogne Aligoté – We *heart* the aligoté from Domaine Naudin-Ferrand in Magny but in a pinch any dry white wine can suffice.

Step #1: Pour the cassis and then the aligoté into a short wine glass (NEVER pour in the wine first, then add the cassis, or stir for that matter).

Step #2: Sip

Step #3: Contemplate the wisdom of the following quote from Victor Hugo, “God made only water, but man made wine.”