A New Blog from Burgundy

My old blogging method for “The Grape Journal” was becoming too unwieldly. Faced with the blank page, I ended up cranking out epic posts that lasted pages long and took a long time to post.

Here, hopefully, I have found the way to a shorter, sweeter posting style that better reflects my everyday life here in Burgundy rather than just large, noteworthy events.

Every day here in Villers-la-Faye new decorations are going up for this weekend’s Saint Vincent Tournament, the huge baccanalian wine festival that is hosted by 16 villages of the Hautes Cotes this year. The logistics are going to be an utter nightmare, and I thank the Gods every day that they do not fall under my responsibility. There are going to be shuttle buses going around the sixteen different villages every fifteen minutes for example. This would be complicated enough, but just to add a little dash of excitement into the mix there is also a snow warning for this weekend.

Will it work out??? In any case, the village is looking very pretty and medieval with the yellow and red banners (the colours of the village) blowing in the wind and wine barrels stacked everywhere you look for decoration.