2009 Harvest Report

For you wine-lovers out there, here is insider information in regards to Burgundy’s 2009 Vintage.

The harvesting is just drawing to a close all over Burgundy. The summary below comes straight from my friend Charlotte who is celebrating the traditional “Paulée” that marks the end of harvest with all of the vendangeurs that worked at the family’s DomaineDomaine Buffet in Volnay probably…well, probably at this very moment as a matter of fact!

“MO ets très satisfait de ce qui est rentré, une quantité normale plus mais surtout de très beaux raisins, peu de pourris et des très bons degrés…”

This translates that her husband, who is the Domaine’s winemaker, is very happy with the superb quality of the grapes which are both high in sugar and troubled by very few cases of rot or mildew.

The good news from the harvest has been pouring in throughout this week all over Burgundy. The overwhelming consensus is that 2009 is a Burgundy vintage to watch for in the years to come. Some are saying that it may prove as good, or even better, than the now-famous (and long-ago sold out) 2005 vintage.

In Vino Veritas!