Frenchitude Lesson #49 : See That Wine and Running Are Perfect Partners

Remember when I took part in last March’s Nuits-Saint-George’s Wine Auction 10 Kilometre race?

This was me, wheezing my way to the finish line. I have to admit I wasn’t motivated by an inner sense of competitiveness, or by accomplishing a long-held goal, or even by getting fit.

It’s time to ‘fess up.

The only thing that kept my feet going until I had passed through that finish line was this;

This is the bottle of wine I received, like every participant, for finishing the race. This is what kept me huffing and puffing all those kilometres.

Well, that and the cool race T-shirt that I still wear almost every time I run.

OK d’accord, I must admit those little snacks of paté and glasses of white wine at the lovely refreshment table in VosneRomanée was a definite pick-me-up. And I have to thank that volunteer who was manning the table and was yelling at everyone who ran past “DON’T CHOOSE THE WATER! THE WHITE WINE IS FAR BETTER FOR YOU!”

Frankly though, I was at no risk of choosing the water, even without his sage advice.

Spaces are already starting to fill up for Franck’s first Grape Trip: “Burgundy Wine Auction Race & Revelrysince we first posted the details last week. If you missed reading over his awesome fun (and wine) filled program, just click here;

But – never fear – there are still a few spots left for those of you who want to experience this fabulous alternative universe for yourself. Just email Franck or I if you have any questions or if you would like us to reserve your place.

Burgundy’s wine-sponsored races don’t seem at all strange to the French, who truly, unequivocably belive that things like Burgundy’s fine wines and running go hand in hand to create a healthy, satisfying life.

Those two lovely (and running) bunches of grapes up above have it all figured out…