Authentic France Travel Tip #47: When in Paris, Eat a Fallafel

I admit it, when you think of all the wonderful things there are to eat in Paris, Fallafels may not spring to mind.

They should.

On our Valentine’s Day trip to Paris last year Franck and I had a lovely stroll in the Marais topped off by a Fallafel for lunch on the Sunday before heading back down to Burgundy.

That Fallafel was so damned good that I actually DREAMED about it for several nights afterwards. I am thinking of rerouting our usual flights to France from Lyon through to Paris (and brave Charles de Gaulle) just so I can stop off in the Marais and eat a Fallafel. They are the stuff of which obsessions are made.

They are also one of the best lunch deals to be had in Paris. Here are Laura’s Paris Fallafel tips:

1. The best place to buy Fallafels in Paris is in the rue des rosiers – the Jewish quartier which is extremely interesting and worth a visit in its own right. The best Fallafel place is hands down “L’As Du Fallafel” in the rue des rosiers as seen in the photo below.

Just one look at the lunch-line up will confirm this assertion. If you get lost, just follow la foule, and you will find your Fallafel.

2. If the line-up is big, an employee will come down the line and take your order and give you a ticket in exchange for payment (my advice, bring cash). They are not trying to rip you off – this is just part of the extremely efficient lunch-time system they have devised.

3. After you have devoured your delicious and very Kosher Falaffel, head across the street to what has to be one of my very favorite Boulangeries / Pastry shops in Paris for an unbelievable Jewish pastry.

The entire lunch will only set you back about 10.00 Euros per person, and it will guarantee many happy Fallafel dreams to come.