Frenchitude Lesson #51 : Make This Lemon Tart

A few posts ago I mentioned my homemade recipe for Crème Fraiche which mentioned Lemon Tarts, and I promised to post the recipe for my fabulous French Lemon tarte.

Here she be.

This is one of those stalwart, life-saving recipes. It really isn’t that difficult, but gets absolutely rave reviews every time. The first time I tried it it was at my friend Charlotte’s house. She had made it for dessert one day when just her, Franck, and I were having lunch together. Between the three of us we ate almost the ENTIRE tarte.

Now, perhaps such gorging isnt a very Frenchitude thing to do, but this tarte is so much the quintessence of Frenchitudeness in its beautiful lemony simplicity, that you simply have to surrender to the pleasure of eating it.

Make it, and you too will understand the paradox.

First you have to make the shortbread pastry:

– 125 grams of butter (unsalted or salted – either works)
– 125 grams of white sugar
– 250 grams of flour
– 1 egg


-Mix all the ingredients up with “S” blade in food processor until it becomes a ball. Just for the record I am a HUGE fan of food-processor homemade pastry.

– Wrap it in Saran Wrap and flatten into disc shape. Let sit in fridge for an hour or more.

– When you are ready to make the tarte, roll out the pastry and then press in into a buttered and floured quiche pan. It is normal that the pastry is a bit crumbly and you have to sort of press it together like pieces of a puzzle. Poke it all over with fork after you have assembled it in the pan.

– Slide the pastry in the quiche pan into a 180 Celsius (360 Fahrenheit) degree oven for 10 minutes. You can use those bean thingies to keep your pastry from puffing up, but I never have them at hand and it turns out fine.

Now while your tart shell is cooking, here is how you mix up the lemony-lemon filling:

– 150 grams of cream or Laura’s Crème Fraiche
– 2 eggs
-100 grams of sugar
– 1 soup spoon of flour
– 2 lemons


– In a saucepan boil the cream. Let it cool.

– Zest and juice the 2 lemons.

– In a bowl, mix together eggs, sugar, cooled cream, lemon zest, and 50 ml of the lemon juice.

– Pour this mixture on to your pastry (it’s normal that the mixture just barely covers the pastry), and leaving oven at the same temperature cook for an additional 15 minutes or until it doesn’t jiggle in the middle anymore.

– Put in fridge to cool.

– Eat a dainty piece, and then another, and then another…