New Grape News and old computer troubles

If any of you have sent me an email over the past few days and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry. I am not ignoring you! Our computer curse continues, now with Norton Anti-Virus blocking my email and all other useful programs on my (brand new!) computer that was finally released from customs after much coaxing and many heated phone calls.

Due to all of this I am currently feeling very anti-technology and nostalgic about the good old days of pen & paper, which I am certain did not cause nearly as many headaches as Microsoft programs, Intel processors, and anti-virus software.

However, during a brief window between computer breakdowns, we did, somewhat miraculously I might add, manage to get out a new version of “The Grape News“.

To have a boo, just click here:

Otherwise we’re readying the three properties for the first of our Spring clients. We’re adding a bit of decoration here and there, doing any necessary repairs, and just basically primping and organising so that our guests have the best possible time during their stays and are able to make the most of this wonderful area of France.

This morning I fled the computer breakdown and the resulting thunderous expression on Franck’s face and hightailed it over to La Vieille Vigne to add some new books to the library and a new desk lamp. I love being in there alone, as I do with all three properties. I took a moment to just look around me and to enjoy the end result of all the hard work and thought that went into renovating and furnishing our little winemaker’s cottage. It was one of those rare instances when I actually took the time to stop, revel in what we had accomplished, and yes, pat myself (and Franck, but he was at home cursing my computer) on the back just a little bit.

In any case, it thankfully had me thinking of something else other than my lack of email for a few minutes! I’m also attaching a Springtime photo of Magny with the Mont Saint Victor in the background to this blog, as this particular photo is one of my favorites and always cheers me up.
And during the Ides of March, who can’t use a little cheering up?