Authentic France Travel Tip #49: Taste, Buy, and Hoard the 2009 Vintage

You heard it here first. Burgundy’s 2009 vintage is poised to be one of those fabulous vintages that stand out this century.

The ideal conditions started with the perfect weather for growing and ripening grapes throughout this year, and crescendoed in lovely dry weather for the harvest which meant that the gorgeous, sugary grapes were brought in, de-stemmed, and juiced with an unusually low incidence of mildew or rot.

It was a particularly joyous vendanges in Burgundy this year; everyone involved felt like they were part of something truly wonderous. Many are saying that the 2009 vintage may even surpass the superlative 2005 vintage, which wine buyers can barely get their hands on anymore. It is sold out at most domaines.

Maybe it will even measure up to the sublime 1929 vintage – a few bottles of which savvy winemakers throughout Burgundy still hoard in their cellars.

So if you are travelling to France over the next few years, jump at any opportunity to taste, buy, and hoard 2009 Burgundy reds and whites (don’t forget we rent out space in our newly renovated 13th Century wine cellar in Beaune for a mere 200 Euros per year – I’m working on getting a page about this online).

Also, if you are going to be around Beaune for the 3rd weekend in November take the opportunity to take part in the world-famous Hospices de Beaune winetasting and taste the 2009 vintage from the barrel before it is even released to the market!

We might be able to help you arrange this, just email me here.

Because as any visitor can tell you, the heart of Beaune and its surrounding villages is its wine. The 2009 vintage is liquid proof that it’s beating strong.