David Letterman Should Move To France

Franck and I were watching the news last night (something we rarely do, and an experience that I am not particularly eager to repeat) and there was a clip of David Letterman apologizing to his wife and his staff.

Franck, who seems to take me for the household expert in Pop Culture, asked me what it was all about.

“He’s was being blackmailed by people because he slept with some women on his staff.” Keep in mind I only have the vaguest idea, gleaned half-hazardly from the Internet, what this brouhaha is all about.

“How could he possibly be blackmailed for that?”

“Well…because he’s married, I guess.”

“Nobody could ever blackmail a TV star for that in France.” Franck watched David’s moment of squirming contrition in wonder.

I thought for a moment. “How about if he didn’t sleep with any women on his staff and remained faithful to his wife, could a TV star in France be blackmailed for that?”

Franck nodded. “That might work.”