Frenchitude Lesson #52: Get Obsessed About Good Chocolate

Thomas Haas caramel sea salt chocolate balls – eat them and weep…

Anyone who has ever read this blog will surely know about my most sacred daily after lunch ritual of a good cup of coffee and some truly delicious chocolate.

If I have to miss this ritual I go around for the rest of the day feeling disgruntled and unsatisfied. Pas très jolie, let me tell you.

Go into any supermarket in France and you will see that during the past 5 years I was spoiled for choice as far as good chocolate was concerned. This was fortunate, as at least 25% of the conversations between my friend Charlotte and I consisted of comparing, debating the merits of, and recommending new chocolate finds.

I felt not one iota of guilt about such a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, because as any French person will tell you PLEASURE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT.

Happily, I have found my chocolate quest is equally as satisfying here in Canada. I have discovered the LindtEquador” and “Peru” chocolate bars, which are the perfect partner to coffee with their bitter, spicy chocolatude.

My little sister also introduced me to (cue angels singing) Vancouver’s chocolate maker Thomas Haas, who has created such divine things as ginger chocolates and (be still my beating heart) sea salt caramel chocolate balls. I dream about these, and am planning my next trip to Vancouver around buying some.

So be French (or Canadian) about your chocolate – accept only the best.