Authentic France Travel Tip #49: Book Early, And Earlier The Longer You Stay

I just had to turn away a potential guest who wanted to rent the months of May and June 2010 at any one of vacation rentals in Burgundy.

This just kills me, as I really think long-stay guests are poised to get so much out of the their stay in France. Problem is once I’m booked, I’m booked. This for me is one of the most teeth-gnashingly frustrating aspects of managing vacation rentals.

Unless Franck can buy, renovate, and equip another vacation rental when he is in Burgundy for the three weeks in November (not going to happen) I just can’t accommodate them, and I would so love to accommodate them.

So, please people, if you are booking during the every-popular months of April to October and are booking for a month or longer, book as soon as is humanly possible. A year to a year and a half ahead of your planned trip is not too early…