The Holy Chickens of Magny

My computer problems have seemed to have settled down in the past few days, although due to the events of the last six weeks I still hold my breath when I check my emails every morning. We don’t really have time, however, to start to catch up on our backlog because our first guests of the season (although the “season” gets longer every year and is almost year-round now) arrive at all three properties this week. This means small repairs, spring cleaning, and basically just a lot of running around like, yes, chickens with their heads cut off.

And speaking of chickens, yesterday Franck was perched on a ladder cleaning the windows of the green bedroom of La Maison des Deux Clochers in Magny. As our previous guests have no doubt discovered, across the street beside the church live a flock of chickens and one very throaty rooster.

Franck was distracted from his window washing by the sight of a dozen or so chickens strolling languidly around the church, pecking at the grass and the newly sprouted daisies, and squawking with delight. The rooster, having none of this pecking business, stalked round to the front of the church and nestled down just in front of the ancient wooden door for a little nap.

Franck was certain there had been a Great Escape. He threw down his cloth and ran across the street to the neighbour to alert her that her chickens were on the loose.

“It’s nothing to worry about,” she replied nonchalantly when she came to the door. “I let them out every day in nice weather. They get very upset when they can’t attend church.”