The chickens (cont’d) and garden experts

Now if you look really, really closely at this photo I took a few hours ago you can see the Holy Chickens taking their daily stroll in the churchyard at the bottom right hand corner. Today the rooster deigned to join his lady friends in pecking the grass and squawking.

Equipped with my walking stick I took a break from my emails to walk over to Magny using the “chemins blancs“, or the “white paths” (called this because they do look white from a distance due to the calcium rich rocks around here – good for the vines!) that run through the fields and vineyards between the two villages. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and springlike.

Franck was busy weeding at La Maison des Deux Clochers and was happy to report that he got help pruning the old rosebushes that we inherited when we bought the house eight years ago. He had started the pruning, very unsure of himself, when Madame Baux, our friendly neighbour, came over and informed him that he was completely botching the job.

Another neighbour was summoned to discuss our rose dilema, and then all three of them went down the street to find the Italian lady who apparently knows everything there is to know about roses. She was more than happy to help, and as it happened her husband lived in La Maison des Deux Clochers for a few years before they got married (this was about 40+ years ago), so the quartet trooped back up to Les Deux Clochers, the Italian expert pruned all of our rosebushes, plus the neighbour’s while she was on a roll , and then Franck gave her a tour of the house.

After the tour Franck mentioned off-handedly that the grape vine that we planted last year also needed pruning, but it was discussed and agreed that grape vines fell under Madame Baux’s area of expertise. She got down on her knees forthwith and set about doing an expert job while the Italian neighbour imparted more rose wisdom to Franck.

So for those of you who enjoy the garden this year, remember that it was a village wide effort!