This Is The Woman Behind L’Atelier

Attention anyone who is dreaming of Paris!

You know the wonderful vacation rental, L’Atelier des Beaux Arts, just steps away from the Jardins du Luxembourg that I often mention on this blog?

Here is my friend Joelle, going to work on her candy apple red scooter, and she is the genius behind it. She has a positively amazing sense of design, and the lucky guests of her L’Atelier can live in Joelle’s gorgeously styled universe for a few days or a few weeks (you’ll be wishing for a few weeks, trust me).

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love Joelle:

1. We have provided moral support for each other for years as our husbands (who went to the Sorbonne together) repeatedly attempt to relive their anarchist University days;

2. She doesn’t hold it against me that the night we first met she cooked Franck and I a lovely French dinner and I fell asleep before the main course was served (we’d come straight from the airport and a trans-Atlantic flight), with my head on the table…drooling;

3. She finds the absurd in just about everything, and her laugh is infectious;

4. She does all this amazing stuff (her Atelier, parenting her children, her full-time job) and never expects any acclaim;

5. She served us a Dom Perignon vintage rose once – still the best bubbles that have ever passed my lips;

6. She is one of the most spontaneously generous people I know. Case in point – she has offered to take my bevy for a bit this summer while Franck and I stay sans enfants in her amazing Atelier

Joelle is one of the friends I am thankful to have in my life, at this time of year and during the rest of it too.