Authentic France Travel Tips #53: Guest Edition

The below Authentic France Travel Tips are courtesy of our recent guests Michael and Kathy Jarvis.

I LOVE the idea of Francophiles passing on their precious travel tips to other Francophiles via The Grape Journal. Tips can be anything; the best deals on train tickets, restaurant reviews, how to avoid stepping on dog poo in Paris…Just email them to me (you will find my email address plastered all over my website) and I will do my best to spread the word to your fellow travellers.

I’ll turn things over now to Michael and Kathy;

“Two possible topics for your Grape Journal, which I follow regularly, and which relate to your rentals:

Thoroughly explore the local supermarché.

If you choose to eat in your “home”, take the time to cruise all the food aisles before you buy. There’s always a large and acceptable patisserie section. As you know, what we in the States might call the deli counter has an amazing selection of local specialties, like parsley ham, various pates de Bourgogne, and an extensive choice of cheeses, all available by the slice, sized to your request.

There’s a section with hot main courses and side dishes “to go”, which are much better than USA takeout. The side aisles hide other packaged, canned or jarred goodies; here is where we found a liter of soupe de poissions. If you like one stop shopping, without the need for much French fluency, this is it; just bring your own shopping bags.

Consider the “Pass Beaune”, but do your homework in advance.

Discounts up to 15% are available for most of the major attractions. A single pass is good for several days, you choose exactly what you want to visit, and then go on your own schedule.
The pass is available at the Beaune tourist office, but it is not widely publicized.

See (there’s an English version, but you must search to find the Pass info) for all the details of the available sites; make your selections in advance, noting the days of closing.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Merci!