A Very "British" Christmas Party

Last night we enjoyed a most British Christmas evening.

At the stately old Union Club (referred to for reasons unknown in our family as the “Onion Club”) across the Inner Harbour from the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, we danced and feasted under the watchful eye of Winston Churchill and The Queen.

It was Clémentine’s first Onion Club experience, but as you can see above despite being French-born she plunged headfirst into the ambiance. She was the one we ultimately had to haul off the dance floor at around 9:00pm.

We got dressed up in our finery, which included matching Minnie Mouse dresses for the four eldest granddaughters, feasted on Prime Rib and Yorkshire puddings, and danced the chicken dance and the conga line.

It was wonderful. However, to inject a little Frenchitude into our celebrations this year we’re having a “Reveillon” Open House tomorrow evening (an evening earlier than the official French “Reveillon” celebrations, but there will be mulled wine so I don’t think anyone will complain) and I am going to attempt to make a buche de Noel à la Mémé Germaine on Thursday.

Wish me bonne chance. I think I’ll need it.