This Is What a Buche Is Supposed to Look Like

Michelle, you are a very kind soul. I also love how you saw a heart shape in all that chocolate-y mess that was my buche.

Here is what a buche is supposed to look like although, like Michelle, I find the restrained version of the buche a bit twee.

But here on my favorite French cooking site le chef recommends that if one is to make a buche, one should just give into its inherent kitchiness and break out the entire panoply of plastic gnomes, axes, Christmas trees, etc…

I’d like to think that maybe the problem with my buche was that I just didn’t have enough plastic gnomes.

Chef Simon also recommends that the Kitsch OD buche should be eaten while listening to “Motherless Children” by Eric Clapton.

Chef Simon is one of that breed of very wise French men. He knows that restraint is a highly overrated thing – especially during the holidays.