Happy New Year from a Snowy Villers-la-Faye

These photos were very kindly sent to me by Gary Schiro, a guest at La Maison de la Vieille Vigne just before Christmas.

Gary was very patient with the fact that the cold snap had knocked out the Internet hub at the cottage (and the fact that we had to deal with the dreaded France Telecom – and over the Holidays to boot – in order to get it repaired). He and his partner had no choice but to eschew technology for a while, and instead went for some nice long walks in the snow.

This is the Place de la Mairie where the school children were having an epic snowball fight to usher in the start of Christmas vacation.

And here is my favorite walk around the Mont Saint Victor in the snow. Merci for the photos Gary.

And in about two weeks time Villers-la-Faye will be welcoming five new “Fayavillois” (name for the inhabitants of Villers-la-Faye) when Lisa K. and her family move from Alberta to Burgundy for a 5 month sabbatical at La Maison des Chaumes.

Here’s wishing that 2010 is filled with adventures and fun-filled Frenchitude for all my Grape Journal readers. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do it sans vous!

Bises xo